R&G Family Grocers

Conquering the Food Desert


With the goal of conquering the vast food deserts, R&G Family Grocers’ was formed in 2013 as a mobile oasis, bringing healthy food to families which had been previously inaccessible. Over 80,000 Tulsans, including 25,000 children, live miles from a grocery, fresh produce or nutritious food, these are the food deserts.

R&G Family Grocers’ uses a converted 36-foot horse trailer as a mobile market, bringing fresh and healthy foods to the masses. R&G sets up shop twice a week in dozen locations, loaded with fresh and seasonal vegetables, as well as nutritious staple goods. This venue gives people immediate retail access to healthy food.

R&G also provides nutrition education and cooking demonstrations to encourage healthy. They even take their dedication one step further by collecting vital data on the viability of brick and mortar stores in the locations they serve.

R&G Family Grocers’ innovative approach to bring food to the urban deserts in Tulsa and directly impact lives, coupled with their vision of developing brick and mortar stores to the local area exemplifies the Henry Bellmon Awards’ credo of “People, Profit, Planet”.

For more information, please visit tulsarealgoodfood.com.


Previous Project of Choice Recipients


CNG School Bus Project

The 2011 – 2013 Project of Choice had the goal of altering the current Oklahoma school bus fleets, to ones’ that ran on compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG burns cleaner than diesel, is readily available, and has a sustainable payback model for the districts.

The Bellmon Awards CNG Grant was developed to assist schools in the transition to a CNG fleet by offsetting capital costs (to the sum of $60,000) associated with the conversions.

Additionally, the Bellmon Awards have created an online toolkit for schools to educate themselves on the transition to CNG. GetOnBoardOK.org was designed to be the main hub for administrators to run cost and payback models, and ultimately receive guidance on the CNG conversion.

GetOnBoardOK.org is also a center where school districts can find the tools to create a bond campaign to fund their conversion. The site contains campaign material – print and radio spots, and online videos – to inform their constituents of the benefits of a CNG powered school bus fleet.

McLain Renewable Energy

The 2010 Project of Choice was the McLain Renewable Energy Project, a project with the goal of teaching high school students the process of designing and installing a renewable energy source. The Bellmon Awards partnered with the McLain High School for Science and Technology, the TCC NE-Campus Renewable Energy Program, and the Oklahoma Indian Health Care Resource Center.

McLain students shadowed the Renewable Energy Design class with the goal of designing and installing a unique photovoltaic panel system, also known as solar panels. The photovoltaic system would be used to provide energy to the McLain Green House, which is used by the sustainable agriculture council and Green schools program.

The strong partnership between Sustainable Tulsa and the Rotary Club of Southside Tulsa made it possible for the awarding of two additional grants, complementing the funds earned by the Henry Bellmon Awards Gala. AT&T and Williams granted $10,000 and $5,000, respectively, towards the project. Additionally, Ron Jones, the 2010 Bellmon Awards Keynote Speaker made a donation to the program and is offering free tuition to McLain Students to enroll in the Green Builder College.

Through additional funding, Sustainable Tulsa was able to add the Renewable Energy Gateway component, career development and include guest speakers for future projects.